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June 2017hugh2

Dear Friends

I was chatting the other day with a friend who had recently started to follow Jesus. He was telling me that he had just discovered God’s Grace.

He had been struggling under the pressure of so loving Jesus that he wanted to do nothing to offend the Lord not realising that God had already made available His marvellous Grace whereby instant forgiveness was on hand for the repentant offender. WHAT A RELIEF THAT WAS.

He is now rejoicing in his new discovery; that ‘’where sin abounds, Grace much more abounds’’

That God is gracious and full of mercy not willing for His children to live under the pressure of guilt.

Recently the Catholic church decreed that the grievous sin of abortion is forgivable saying: ‘there is no sin too great but that God’s Grace is greater and can forgive’. How good is that truth. What a freeing influence is the marvellous Grace of God to sinners like you and me. Imaging a church full of people who have discovered Grace like my friend and are now living in the good of it. What a testimony to a hurting world in need of forgiveness.

Reminds me of a chorus we used to sing, which says it all so succinctly. Here are the words:

Grace there is my every debt to pay

Blood to wash my every sin away

Grace to keep me spotless day by day

In Christ, for me.

Enjoy your freedom

Pastor Hugh

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