Pastor’s Desk

June 2018

Our recent working with the local school – Peden Primary – has been a blessing to both the school and the church.

Having P7s coming into the Harvest Centre every week has been a tonic and a lot of fun to those of us who operate there each Tuesday. They provide a refreshing energy and interaction as they engage with Arts and Crafts and also serve the lunches to the Cancer Support Group. The P7’s contribution to our recent Saturday Coffee morning in song and dance was superb. Also, they brought along their Mums and dads, aunties, uncles and grannies. So the event was a blessing to the Community.

Jesus seemed to have a two-fold strategy. On the one hand He blessed the members of the community – multitudes of them – unconditionally and generously – and on the other hand he called apart 12 Disciples who were seriously intent on following Jesus and trained them to live for God.

I think that may be our strategy too; to bless the community unconditionally and generously and also to train and be trained to live for God.

We are all called to be part of such a strategy. May those of us who ae part of the Harthill Community Church be sure to play our part in bringing the Good News of God’s love and care to our community as well as being trained for service in Christ’s marvellous kingdom.

Love and blessing to everyone.


Pastor Hugh

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