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August  2017hugh2

Dear Friends

At the beginning of His earthly ministry Jesus began to gather His first disciples with the challenging invitation and with the words ‘’Follow Me’’.

It is interesting that right at the end of His earthly ministry in John 21: 19&22 He was still calling disciples, in this case Peter, with the same words: ‘’Follow Me’’.

And even more interesting these were the same disciples He invited in the first place. And it was not that they had not been following it was because there were still experiences He wanted them to enter whether in the earthly arena or in the world to come.

And the implication for us to embrace is that no matter how long we have been following Jesus – a short time or a life time – He still has more for us to experience of His love and grace. So, we can expect to hear His invitation constantly coming to us to Follow the Master. May our response ever be in the words of the old chorus: ‘Follow, follow, I would follow Jesus anywhere, everywhere I would follow on’.

What will this mean in our year of Moving Forward.

Where will He take us? What will He show us? What will we learn?

What an exciting thing it is to follow Jesus. I am so glad we as a church travel the road together helping one another to keep focused on the One who loved us and gave His life that we might find ours.

Enjoy the journey

Pastor Hugh

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