Life Groups

Life Groups can be ‘’the Life and Soul of the Party’’ – The Party being the church family.
A church runs successfully on the strength of the relationships between its members and those who attend the church’s meetings.

The normal Sunday morning service, while very important for Worship and Bible Teaching, doesn’t tick all the boxes as far as developing relationships are concerned.  Sitting in rows and looking at the back of someone’s head is not nearly as effective as the face to face encounter that is possible when meeting in the informality of someone’s home.

There are many benefits that can be enjoyed in Life Groups.

Here are some of them:

  • They help us develop our relationship with the Lord
  • They help us develop our relationships with one another
  • They help us develop our individual ministry towards others
  • They help us to live out the truth we have been taught
  • They provide meaningful pastoral care and support
  • They are ideal for developing future leadership
  • They are great places to invite others who don’t yet know the Lord

If you are not already part of a Life Group why not sign  in now. Talk to the Pastor or one of the Life Group Leaders and find out more.

There is more information on the church Notice Board.

Come and join the party.


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