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In 2011 Hugh Clark was ordained as the Pastor of the Harthill Community Church in Central Scotland.

His spiritual journey began when he was brought up in Wishaw the son of a Salvation Army family and in that environment was taught the ways of the Lord and grew up with a love for God which has never left him. He was totally involved in the Army; playing in the band; singing in the songsters; and learning to play the organ which is where his musical career began to take shape.

As a teenager he had a life transforming encounter with God and was baptised in the Holy Spirit, speaking in other tongues and with a new power in his life. He joined the Elim church in Motherwell and served there for 25 years as a member, a Sunday school teacher, youth leader. Organist and choir master, lay preacher and church delegate to the Scottish Presbytery.

In the early seventies he was greatly impacted by the move of the Spirit which became known as the Charismatic Movement. He formed a choir which was greatly used throughout the nation and across the denominations in performing a Musical called Come Together which spearheaded the New Movement of the Spirit in areas of Praise and Worship, in Healing and in the Baptism in the Spirit.

He had felt the call to the ministry early in his life but had not been released to follow that urging of the Spirit. However in 1977 he was invited to become the Pastor of a small group of believers meeting in Coatbridge. The Work there grew dramatically to such an extent a-that the church built its own auditorium in Motherwell, the first new build church in the Charismatic Renewal in the nation. He called this The King’s Centre – the Home of the King’s church.

Hugh led the Work there for 33 fruitful years while embracing a wider Kingdom agenda which saw him travelling in Africa, India, and America and throughout the UK.

His wider role saw him appointed as Chairman of the then growing Fellowship of Scottish Church Leaders and with a team of ministers organised regular conferences designed to foster unity and give direction to the New Church scene.

In one of his trips to the States he was awarded and Honorary Degree – Doctor of Divinity – by the Institute of Church Management for his services to Christian leadership.

In 2009 he offered to help the church in Hartill in ministry and leadership. Since then the church has moved ahead in many ways. The spiritual life of the congregation has been invigorated; there has been numerical increase and a real sense of a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in the region. The building in which we meet has been renamed Harvest Centre indicating the expectation of an ingathering of people to the Kingdom and the facilities and amenities in the building have been renovated to a modern standard.

Eventually feeling the time had come to relinquish his role as leader of the Kings church he was appointed to the pastorate of the Harthill Community church and inducted by Andrew Smith who is the AOG Scottish Director.

Hugh is devoted to a ministry which embraces both the Word and the Spirit. He encourages the congregation to live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and in committed to the dimensions of healings, signs and wonders and the exercise of the Gifts of the Spirit.

He is eager to see a development of New Testament congregational life and is structuring the church with plural leadership, multiple ministries facilities and body ministry within the congregation. His vision embraces a desire to see the village and the region won for Christ and enjoying the benefits of living in the Kingdom of God and in this way affect the nation.

He met and married Sheila in 1957 and they had two daughters, Jayne and Karen. Both his daughters are married and have families of their own and both are continuing to walk with the Lord.

Sadly his wife Sheila died suddenly from a heart attack in 2001.

Hugh was devastated by his loss but by God’s grace continued with his ministry.

In 2002 he met Susan Arnott and following a courtship they married in May 2003.

Susan herself a trainee of the Assemblies of God Bible College in Mattersy has served in Christian work for many years as a local church worker, as a volunteer ministry serving with the AOG throughout Britain and has experience of pasturing in North Devon. Our church in Harthill is Susan’s home church in which she was brought up before launching into the wider ministry.

Having been educated at Wishaw High School he began his working life as a trainee metallurgist in the Steel industry. He graduated to the Education and Training Division of the Colville group based in Mossend before moving to the Ravenscraig Integrated Iron and Steel plant in Motherwell as a Training and Personnel Officer.

Hugh later attended Strathclyde University and gained the Diploma in Management Studies. He then moved to Cummins Engine Company in Shotts where he served for number of years as the Personnel and Industrial Relations manager.

His final appointment in industry was as personnel and Industrial Relations Manager for an International Shipping Company based in Glasgow.

During this time he was called to do two years of National Service in the in the Royal Air Force.

Hugh is a devotee of Football and Golf. He reads extensively and enjoys music of (nearly) all kinds.

We are delighted to have both Hugh and Susan in leadership of our church and are believing for great blessing to continue as God leads.

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